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Get Around The Clock CCTV Off-Site Monitoring

Defensor Security is a national, independent security company that provides state-of-the-art CCTV offsite monitoring 24/7. Our team is equipped with the latest equipment to ensure that your home, place of business is constantly being watched by skilled operators. In the event of a potentially flammable situation, the operator quickly orders for the dispatch of an armed team.

The major advantages of our CCTV offsite monitoring include but isn’t limited to:

The Best Equipment – We have the best-in-class CCTV offsite monitoring solution with excellent capabilities for both residential and commercial environments. In addition, we are also taking advantage of artificial intelligence, which significantly improves threat monitoring and prevention.

Prompt armed response dispatch – Our team is trained to look for signs of potential trouble, ensuring that a prompt armed response is certain. Responding in time will diffuse and prevent 90% of possibly volatile situations. That’s why we take 24/7 monitoring by trained staff so seriously.

Number plate recognition – We use the best automatic number plate recognition technology, which enables highly efficient parking, law enforcement, surveillance, and security. In the event of a problem, having a list of number plates can help law enforcement identify culprits.

24/7 monitoring – Our team monitors your site 24 hours a day and 7 days a week via our well- equipped secure control rooms.

Monitor and report – Our team can also monitor your security guards and provide a daily report on their routine. Provide footage when needed – We also save footage, provide it to law enforcement and to you in order to solve possible issues.
Defensor Security CCTV Off-Site Monitoring
Defensor Security CCTV Off-Site Monitoring
Defensor Security CCTV Off-Site Monitoring

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"Defensor Security offers integrated security solutions with excellent customer service"


Who Needs Real-Time CCTV Off-site Monitoring?

We often say that just about every business, large home, office building, and apartment needs to be monitored in real-time. The increase in instances of crimes across South Africa merits that buildings and installations be actively monitored by experienced professionals. However, monitoring isn’t enough; there should also be the ability to dispatch an armed response to defuse a potentially dangerous situation.

At Defensor Security, our highly trained and seasoned team of security professionals are dispatched to your location. Furthermore, you are also informed of a potentially dangerous situation so that you and everyone around you can seek refuge until the situation has been defused.
Defensor Security CCTV Off-Site Monitoring

Let’s Discuss Your Security Needs

We can tell you from experience that every business and individual has varying security needs. Defensor Security has been providing security for over two decades, so nobody understands your security needs better than us.

If you are unsure what type of security you need or require 24/7 real-time CCTV offsite monitoring, then get in touch with our team. Our free consultation can help plan and execute a monitoring schedule that’s both economical and yet provides the most protection to you, your place of business, or both.

Remember: Proactive security measures are the key to preventing crime! We make taking those measures easy.